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Metrol direct sales site. 3-5 Days, the shortest ship from JAPAN Factory Direct Price.

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, PayPal are available.

How to Order

Ordering from toolsensor.com
Placing an Order
Shipping Cost
Lead Time
Cancellation / Returns
Warranty Policy

Ordering from toolsensor.com

  1. Search and browse for product
  2. Placing an order / Payment
  3. Payment Confirmation
  4. Shipping the product
  5. Receiving the product

1.Search and browse for product

Enter a product number into the search box or browse it on Toolsensor.com.

Search and browse for product

2.Placing an Order / Payment

Using Shopping Cart


Choose a number in the Quantity and shipping country.
Click to [Add to Cart]


Review your Shopping Cart.
Click to [Next]


Enter your shipping address.
Click to [Next]


Choose the payment method from.
Click to [Next]


Review your Order.
Click to [Check out with above]

  • →If you paying with Cradit Card, Your payment has been completed.
  • →If you paying with PayPal, Your payment is not yet completed. Please complete payment on the PayPal website.
  • →If you paying with Wire Transfer, Please click here and follow the instructions to proceed the settlement.

Complete your purchase.

Using Quotation Form


Enter your Product number / Quantity, Payment method / Your Address in Quotation Form.
Click to [Confirmation]


We will send you email including,

・Lead time before shipment
・Payment Link

  • →If you paying with Cradit Card or PayPal, Click to Payment Link
    (Go to STEP.3)
  • →If you paying with Wire Transfer, Please click here and follow the instructions to proceed the settlement.
    (Go to STEP.4)

Review your Order.
Click to [Proceed to checkout]

  • →If you paying with Cradit Card, Your payment has been completed.
  • →If you paying with PayPal, Your payment is not yet completed. Please complete payment on the PayPal website.

Complete your purchase.

3.Payment Confirmation

We will send you email after receiving your payment, including,

・Proforma Invoice
・Estimated shipping date

4.Shipping the product

We will send you email, including,

・Tracking Number for your parcel

5.Receiving the product

Kindly confirm whether you have received the right product and it is not broken in transit. In case of any trouble, please contact us immediately.

Placing an Order

Every product can be purchased from all over the world.
However, countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea, and Macau cannot be purchased through Shopping Cart.
Kindly request us for Quotation from the country above and our Authorized Dealer will get back to you shortly.

  • China, Hong Kong, Macau: Metrol (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Taiwan: YAMAZEN CO.,LTD.
  • Korea: Tohokorea Co., Ltd.

Kindly Note:

For those countries which are listed below, kindly confirm whether or not your company or end user are not listed in End-User List (EUL) on “Export Control System in Japan” before placing the order.

We are afraid that Metrol cannot provide our products to above listed companies or end users, and will refund even after confirming the payment.

  • Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
  • Central African Republic
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Republic of Iraq
  • Lebanese Republic
  • Libya
  • North Korea
  • Federal Republic of Somalia
  • Republic of South Sudan
  • Republic of the Sudan
  • Russian Federation

Shipping Cost

All the shipping cost has to be borne by you.
Shipping cost will vary depending on the product size, quantity, and shipping country. Please contact us for further queries.

Notice : Changing your shipping information may result in some handling charges after shipment.

You can change your shipping information at any time up until the order has entered the shipping process.
Please make sure all details before shipping date, especially consignee information are correct.


We accept payments via Credit Card, Wire Transfer and PayPal only.
100% in advance payment in JPY against the Proforma Invoice.

  • Credit Card
    VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diners, JCB
    Above 5 International Credit Card can be accepted for your payment.
  • PayPal
    If you have the Paypal account, it can be the alternative for Credit Card payment.
  • Wire Transfer
    There are NO WIRE TRANSFER FEES for remittance, both of your bank and our bank.
    But we charge 5000JPY of BANK CHARGE. So that you can prevent fail of transfer fee for remittance.
    Please specify “BEN” instruction at the details about bank charges.

    If you’re unwilling to pay it, we recommend you to choose Credit card or Paypal.
Mizuho Bank

Bank information:


Beneficiary Name
Branch Office
Hachioji Branch
15-3 Yokoyama-cho Hachioji, Tokyo, JAPAN
Current Account No.
Payment Commissions
Specify “BEN” instruction
No IBAN code, No ABA code

BEN (Beneficiary) means you do not pay any fees. Metrol (Beneficiary) pays all fees.

Important reminder for Wire Transfer:

Please note that additional handling fees due to excess or shortage of payment would be borne by you.

In case there is payment shortage,

  • We request you to pay the shortage amount. We are afraid that we cannot ship the item until we confirm the payment.
  • In case of Wire Transfer/TT, the Banking Charges of 5000 JPY will be to your account.



  • Quotation validity is 30 days.
  • The quoted price is inclusive of the product price, shipping cost, insurance and packing charges.
  • For some countries, any other taxes (ie. Duty, Tax or Others) will be extra as applicable during the time of shipping and is not included in the quotation.
  • All the custom clearance charges have to be borne by you.

Lead Time

Lead TimeAlmost all the products are make-to-order and we will manufacture and ship the item after we confirm your payment.
Please contact for the exact lead time, as it may widely differ depending on Qty and timings.

Cancellation / Returns

We are afraid that we cannot cancel any order once the payment is confirmed.
However, it may be considered if the item is still in preproduction or pre-shipment.
Kindly inform us immediately if the item is broken during the delivery. We will ship the new product A.S.A.P.

Warranty Policy

Metrol warranty term is for 1 year and 3 months after the sensor arrives at your works.

In case there is malfunction of sensors, we will prepare the replacement or repair the sensor for free if the product is within the warranty period. However, below broken conditions are not covered under our Warranty Policy.

  1. 1) Broken/ failure due to the misuse of our product at your side
  2. 2) Broken/ failure originated by non-Metrol product
  3. 3) Broken/ failure due to the customization or repair at your side
  4. 4) Broken/ failure due to the external causes outside our control such as natural disaster

Warranty Policy