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Common Mistakes

  • × H-4A-08-07S✓H4A-08-07S
  • × H4A 04 00A✓H4A-04-00A : Check space and hyphen.
  • × H4A5301H✓H4A-53-01H
  • × O, I✓0 (zero) , 1 (one) : Check letters and numbers.
  • × T-24E-04-08✓T24E-04-08
  • × 07T11339, 12T04337 : It is a Serial Number.
  • × P-11DDB-DU✓P11DDB-DU
  • × D5F-2B34C-Y : It is not a METROL Product No.→ Compatible List
  • × P10DB✓P10DB-A
  • × A90 4159116 : It is not a METROL Product No.→ Compatible List

Product List

Linear Contact Type

Touch sensors are placed each directions and act directly.


*H4A-204-00, etc.


*H4A-18-16, etc.

Rotating Contact Type

The shaft rotates when an edge pushes each touch sensor.


*H4D-05-07, etc.

Swing Contact Type