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Compatible List


OMRON Tool Setters D5F series and METROL Tool Setters H4A series are different products.
Yet, you can order the compatible products which can be replaced.
METROL supplies Tool Setters to the MAZAK Corporation in the same manner as OMRON.

OMRON Product No. METROL Product No.
D5A-B H4A-08-02A
D5F-2B10 H4A-53-01S
D5F-2B30 H4A-53-01S
D5F-2B34C-Y H4A-53-01S

[Replacement of the Tool Setter]

  1. Remove the four bolts.
  2. Pull the joint section away by slightly rotating it.
  3. Remove the four bolts and then the Tool Setter.


MARPPOS Tool Setters A90 series are OEMed by METROL.
You can order the same Tool Setters.

MARPPOS Product No. METROL Product No.
A90 No.4159116601 H4A-12-20S
A90 No.4159116602 H3A-30-03S
A90 No.4159116603 H4A-12-21S
A90 No.4159116606 H4A-04-00A
A90 No.4159116611 H4A-08-02A
A90 No.4159116614 H4A-18
A90 No.4159116615 H4A-18-11
A90 No.4159116616 H4A-12-77S
A90 No.4159116618 H4A-12S
MARPPOS Product No. METROL Product No.
A90 No.4159116621 H4A-59-01S
A90 No.4159116628 H4A-12-06S
A90 No.4159116634 H4A-08-07S
A90 No.4159116639 H4D-05-07S
A90 No.4159116640 H4D-05-06S
A90 No.4159116648 H4D-07-04S
A90 No.4159116650 H4D-03S
TLS No.4159116627 T24D-23


They are imitation products.
We recommend you to order the genuine METROL Tool Setters.

Imitation Product No. METROL Product No.
E-SUNG / H4P-18-17-L H4A-08-02A
E-SUNG / H4P-23-8-L H4A-18-63S
AZUMA / L4P01 H4A-04-00A