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TOOL SETTERS for CNC Machining Centers


Your Machining Reliability and Machine Operating Rate improve!!

Metrol tool setters with built-in precision switches are used in CNC Machining Centers.

In addition to presetting tool length, tool setters can be used to tool off-set measuring and tool wear detection and tool breakage detection.

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Improve tool life of CNC machining center by precision tool wear detection.

Since the real-time and accurate wear is updated, it improves the tool life.

Machining accuracy will be always maintained within tolerance.

Due to auto-tool measuring and updating the wear of the tools, the accuracy on WORK PIECE will be always maintained with-in tolerance.

Reduction in rejection by tool breakage detection.

Due to timely tool breakage detection, the further damage to other tools or the component is avoided.

Applications of Tool Setters

  • Tool Length Preset

    FANUC CNC Robo Drill, etc.

  • Tool Off-set Measuring

    MORI SEIKI CNC Machining Centers, etc.

  • Tool Wear Detection

    OKUMA CNC Machining Centers, etc.

  • Tool Breakage Detection

    OKK CNC Machining Centers, etc.

Major Clients of Metrol Tool Setters


When we launched the first Tool Setters in 1983, all the Machine tool builders in Japan adopted Metrol Tool Setters.

ZEN of Design and Manufacturing

Tool length is subjected to change every day – because of the tool wear after machining and temperature difference throughout the day.

All things considered, it is extremely difficult to measure the tool length in microns under harsh environment, where metal chips and coolants spatter all over…

→Story of Made in JAPAN Vol.2

Types of Tool Setters

  • Cylindrical Type – T24E

    *φ12 Contact

  • Cylindrical Type – T24E

    *φ20 Contact

  • Cylindrical Type – T24E

    *φ40 Contact

  • Cylindrical Type – T24E

    *φ60 Contact

  • Square Type – T20

    *Vertical Square

  • Square Type – T26

    *Horizontal Square

  • Small Type – TM26B

    *φ12 Contact

  • Small Type – TM26D

    *φ20 Contact

  • Flat Type – P11DDBP

    *Low Contact Force

  • Flat Type – P21EDBP

    *φ10 Contact


Product name T-Series
Repeatability 0.001mm (Recommended operating speed of 50 – 200mm/min)
Contact life time 3 million
Protective structure IP67
Output mode NC (Normally closed)
Contact rating DC5V – DC24V 10mA (Max20mA) Resistance load
Contact diameter φ5 / φ10 / φ12 / φ20 / φ40 / φ60
Output mode NC (Normally closed)

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