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0.5 micron in repetitive accuracy without an amplifier!!

Resistant to harsh environments with coolant oil or metal cuttings.

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Co-invented with TOYOTA in 1976.

Metrol switches were developed as Ultra-precision switches which can be installed in harsh environments such as Automobile manufacturing lines where coolant and metal cuttings are present.

Used for position detection in various industrial machines.

Used for Origin Detection in various industrial machines and medical machines such as CNC machine tools, semiconductor production equipment, microscopes for neurosurgery and disc brakes.

Applications of Positioning Switches

  • Positioning of the workpiece

    Control of the production line with a hight precision.

  • Zero seek for robots

    Correction of the thermal displacement of the Z-axis with a hight precision.

  • Positioning of the tabel

    Control of the X- and Y- axes with a hight precision.

  • Positioning within machine tools

    Use in adverse environments caused by scattering chips and cutting-oil.

  • Positioning of the end face of equipment

    Control of the starting point of equipment.

  • Tool preset

    Correction of the position of worn edged tools with a hight precision.

ZEN of Design and Manufacturing

Industrial robots can be around everywhere in Japanese “Monozukuri” scenes.
These industrial robots are essential for automating automobile and semiconductor manufacturing lines, and Metrol’s “Made in Japan” technology also plays a vital role behind those industrial robots…

→Story of Made in JAPAN Vol.4

Types of products

  • Straight Touch Type

    P08 / P10 / P12

  • Angled Touch Type


  • Contacting Ball Type


  • Lever Type



Product name P-Series
Repeatability 0.0005 mm for both ON and OFF (range)
Contact life time 3 million
Protective structure IP67
Operating modes A:NO (Normally open) / B:NC (Normally closed)
Hysteresis 0
Temperature drift 0
Operating temperature 0 to 80 °C (non-freezing)
Contact ratings 5 V DC to 24 V DC, 10 mA (20 mA maximum) resistive load

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