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0.002mm Gap can be Detected Reliably!!

Enables accurate determination of
seating and confirmation of adhesion
under harsh working conditions.

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Adhesion and seating of detected objects can be confirmed without contact.

Reliably detects the gap of 2 to 80μm between the detected object and the jig with its ±1μm repeatability.

IP67Protective Structure.

Able to work under harsh conditions, which allows for installation inside the machine tools.

Enable to shorten air piping, which improves response speed, and realizes higher accuracy.


  • To confirm components in Machine Tools

    IP67 enables to install in the machining area and shorten the tube pipe improves the responsive speed.

  • To confirm closure of Engine Frame

    Steadily detect even 10μm gap caused by the chips in between the component and rotary table.

  • To confirm the offset of grinding stone in CNC Grinding Machines

    The Grinding stone does not undergo wear due to non-contact sensor.

  • To confirm adhesion to the mold

    Steadily detects 2μm gap.
    Eliminate the need for repeated calibration with the master, which frequently occurs at sites.

ZEN of Design and Manufacturing

The transformation of cast components into highly-efficient Engines and Engine parts is done by CNC Machine Tools.

This high-precision Metal Cutting work represents one of the Japanese “Monozukuri” industries where Metrol’s technology plays a vital role behind the scenes…

→Story of Made in JAPAN Vol.3


Product name DPA-A2
Repeatability ±1µm
Response speed 0.8second
Protective structure IP67
Detection distance Adjustable within the range of 2 to 80 mm
Operating pressure 0.1 MPa accurate pressure relief valve used
LED Operation: LED ON / Reject: LED OFF

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